History of Sutton 1704-1876

History of Sutton 1704-1876

History of Sutton 1704-1876

I’m working on an ebook version of the History of Sutton 1704-1876 so that it’s easily searchable and portable! 🙂 I do own an original copy, but it’s now frail and falling apart. I am hesitant to even touch it any more.


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      • Dear Lisa,

        I’m working on the Stockwells who moved from Sutton to Royalston ca. 1760. We live in a house I believe was commissioned by John Stockwell. I saw a lettter, at a Stockwell Family Reunion years ago, in which John Stockwell agrees to pay Ezekial Cutler for building two houses for him. I think we live in one of them.

        Is there a second volume of “Sutton Documents 1720-1778?” I ask because I noted when I was at the Stockwell family reunion the letter/agreement commissioning Ezekial Cutler was in a booklet of the same name; but it is not in the booklet I have from the Royalston Library. Maybe Sutton has a second booklet?

        When is the Sutton Historical Society open for me to do research?

  • Lisa, I’ve been seeking more info on my great grandfather Peter McCluskey who came from Ireland in 1848. He settled in Sutton for several years, before moving on to places like Hamilton, Millbury, Northbridge and Worcester MA. He was a laborer, so I don’t expect much was written about him. But hopefully his name, as well as that of his wife Mary Roach and his many children appear somewhere in the local records. By the way, my sister married a Shea from the Canton and Middleboro MA area.

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