The Hummingbirds are Back!

The Hummingbirds are Back!

The Hummingbirds are Back!

The Hummingbirds are Back!

Hurrah! Hurrah! The ruby-throated hummingbirds are back! Every year pretty much exactly on May 1st, the hummingbirds fly to my front office window and hover there. They wait for me to come out and hang my feeder. Usually I do have it hanging there for them already but sometimes I forget. When I forget, they buzz in that window to get my attention until I come out and put it up :).

This year we were on a cruise and didn’t get home until the 4th. You guessed it, the hummingbirds were grumpy with us! I got that feeder out right away.

The hummingbird we have here in Sutton Massachusetts is the ruby-throated hummingbird. It’s here with us for the summer and then flies down to Mexico for its winter vacation. They have quite powerful wings!

In sadder news, the cowbirds are also back. I get grumpy with cowbirds because they climb into other birds’ nests, toss out the other birds’ eggs and lay their own. That can stick a tiny phoebe or something trying to care for the larger cowbird chick. But cowbirds are just doing what nature has trained them to do.

What birds are you seeing around?

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