Luv2Play and Dialysis Center Coming to Sutton

Luv2Play and Dialysis Center Coming to Sutton

Luv2Play and Dialysis Center Coming to Sutton

Luv2Play and Dialysis Center Coming to Sutton

Great news via the Worcester Business Journal! We have a number of new, community-friendly businesses coming to Sutton. They’ll be part of the Market 32 shopping area.

First up is Luv2Play. All About Lov2Play. They have Sutton MA on their upcoming location listing. This fun building is sort of like a Chuck E Cheese with the play areas, arcade areas, and food. They tout that they have beer and wine for the adults :). Are they saying that it’s stressful to raise a child in these modern times?

It’s nice to think that kids will have a play area nearby for them. Although I do feel sad that kids nowadays rarely use actual playgrounds. They rarely just go and explore the woods or go biking all over creation like I did as a child. There is of course room for a balance – some play indoors on foam balls, and other play outdoors roaming around Purgatory Chasm and experiencing what our beautiful world has to offer.

Next up is the Fresenius Medical Care dialysis center. Those who need dialysis know what a royal pain it is if you have to drive a long distance for it. I’m all for us having more of these centers in convenient locations. Here’s more about them.

Fresenius Medical Care

It would be nice if medical science progressed so we didn’t need dialysis any more, but one step at a time.

The shopping area is also looking to put in a restaurant. I would really like to see something healthy, but we’ll see what goes in there.

I’ll be posting with photos once the construction begins!

Worcester Business Journal Article on Sutton Expansion

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