Jane Nozzolillo Book Signing

Jane Nozzolillo Book Signing

Jane Nozzolillo Book Signing

Jane Nozzolillo Book Signing

First, a reminder that my seminar at the Sutton Public Library tonight, Tuesday, June 25th, 2019 at 6-8pm, is on social networking. Facebook, Twitter. Instagram. If you aren’t using those systems efficiently or easily, come on out. I’ll help you get on the right path. It’s important to use and build up those systems so you can easily sell books. It doesn’t take a lot of time when done well. You can hate them if you want. Just use them and go on with your life.

Now, on to the fun stuff.

As we know, Jane Nozzolillo just released her latest children’s book. It’s about a cat who moves in to the Grafton Historical Society. We got the book done just in time for the Grafton Antique Festival. Jane sold 10 of her books there. That’s a great result! Kudos to Jane!

Here’s a few reasons why it went so well. These are things all of us should try to keep in mind as we plan our own author signings.

First, the Grafton Antique Fair has a built-in draw of people wanting to buy things. This is KEY. People were actively coming to the event with a mindset of buying. There was already heavy traffic. Jane was there to take advantage of that.

Jane had an item which perfectly fit into that atmosphere. Her book is about the historical society. It would appeal to people at an antique’s fair. Sure, the people coming to the fair might be older people, but they would know someone to buy the book FOR. Remember, you don’t have to grab the interest of the person in front of you. You just have to show them that your book would be great for someone they KNOW. 

The weather definitely helped. If it was pouring rain, she might not have gotten as many sales. That’s out of our control but worth mentioning.

Important, though, is that Jane is a delightful person to talk with. I’ve been to many author signings where the author is staring at their phone twiddling with things. A visitor tends to walk on by. Jane actively engages and talks with people. People love that. That absolutely generates sales.

So the keys here are:

* Select an event with built-in foot traffic. Not just necessarily an “authors are here” but a “something exciting is happening”.

* Have your book themed to match with that traffic. The better the match, the better the sales.

* Pray for good weather :).

* Be present! Be mindful! Put down the phone. Stop talking with your neighbors. Be there for the VISITOR. The more you are there, actively available to talk with a visitor, the more sales you will get. Yes, it’s not always easy. The phone is tempting. Fellow authors are tempting. Resist. Be there for visitors. It makes an incredible difference.

Ask with any questions, and I hope to see you tonight!

Thank you to Deborah W. for supporting Jane and for taking these photos!

Remember to mark your calendar for our next Sutton Writing Group meeting on Thursday July 11th, 2019 from 6-7:45pm.

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