Celebrate Sutton Authors

Celebrate Sutton Authors

Celebrate Sutton Authors

Celebrate Sutton Authors

Our local Sutton writing group has wonderful news to announce! Kindle Vella IS LIVE!!

Kindle Vella is Amazon’s new episode-based reading system. A number of us Suttonian authors have delved into the world of Vella. We would love to hear your thoughts on our stories!

The first episodes of each story are FREEE, so you can see which you like wholly for free.

We would love to hear your thoughts. 

If you’ve thought about becoming an author, we would love to have you join us at our local Sutton library. We meet every second Thursday of the month from 6-8pm. Contact me for more information.

And now, on to the stories!

Shielding Secrets – a Cyber Spy Espionage Thriller 
The CIA recruited Doctor Melissa Langdon in grad school. For ten years she delved into the blackness of the dark web, rooting out dangerous…

The Third Ranger – A SciFi Espionage Action Thriller
2040. Violence flares higher as food shortages claw jagged lines between the haves and have-nots. Vic and her two fellow Rangers are a weapon…

Crocodile Tears – A Tropical Military Thriller
Five years. For five long years, Adrianna Gillespi has waited to wreak vengeance for her best friend. She has prepared, planned, and trained. At…

Butterfly Beneath The Earth – a Medieval Dark Paranormal Romance
July 1218. Lincoln, England. Constance’s life is finally finding a balance. The older man her parents forced her to marry has died, leaving her a…

Visions in the Flames of Brasov – A Historical Dark Fantasy
Brasov, Romania ~ 1459. A brutal July heat baked the crowded city, and once again I desperately scoured the alleys, hunting for my eight-year-old brother…

The Girl Who Wasn’t Born – a Paranormal Murder Mystery Romance
I am a brand new soul, cleansed and joyful. Below me, my loving parents are ready to welcome this blessing into their lives. And then a masked shadow with a gun brutally murders them. 

Athena’s Handmaiden – a Historical Coming of Age in Ancient Greece
Andromeda’s feet ached in weary pain. She had walked all day with the heavy bag of olives to reach the Athens marketplace. Her sick mother and young siblings were depending on her.

Elizabeth and Charlotte – A Sweet Lesbian Romance of Pride and Prejudice
The classic tale of Pride and Prejudice gets a gently romantic update! Elizabeth and Charlotte have always had feelings for each other, but the 1800s were not a time which welcomed such affections. Move through the familiar world of Pemberley while their love blossoms!

The Glasscutter’s Daughter – a Steampunk Paranormal Time Travel Romance
December 31, 1899. Boston Massachusetts. Abigail should be celebrating. She’s eighteen, coming of age, and a new, marvelous century is upon the world. Still, she dearly misses her parents. But then she discovers something in her father’s stained glass workshop …

Curtis Corey:
Boulder the Bigfoot – My life and how I became a legend in Acadia, Maine
Boulder, the Bigfoot, tells the story of life with his mate River, and their friends in Acadia, Maine. Always on the move and trying to stay out of sight of humans. They live a quiet life in tune with nature, but what happens when a good deed brings him in contact with humans?

Susan B Lovejoy:
Our Family’s Spirits – Stories Based on Real Paranormal Experiences
Our family, like many others, has communicated with spirits in various ways over the years. Maybe it’s our Gaelic heritage that makes us more susceptible to them, or maybe we are more open to contact. This collection of fictionalized spirit stories is based on actual encounters that our family members have had. They have all taken place in local small towns in New England, most of them in older homes, and have become part of our family lore.

Susan B Lovejoy:
Her Alien Children – Human Abduction Consequences
Bella has had strange dreams about alien abductions from early childhood, but are they dreams or something else? As she explores the possibilities, more information comes to light that makes her question everything she’s believed in, including her family.

Ask with any questions! Let me know if you have any Sutton news to share!

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