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The Hummingbirds are back!

The Hummingbirds are back!

2015 Massachusetts Audubon photography contest

Congratulations to the amazing winners of the 2015 Massachusetts Audubon photography contest!


OK I haven’t seen a hummingbird at all in about two weeks. I think it’s time to finally take those feeders in. Ah well, seasons change!


I’m just back from Arizona and saw a number of cool hummingbirds. They get different kinds out there! Our hummingbirds here were happy when we got home – the feeder

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red-backed salamander

We found a red-backed salamander in our basement! They’re very pretty, and they eat ants. red-backed salamander

Pickerel Frog

Finally – we’ve got a photo of a pickerel frog! These little guys are quite elusive 🙂 Pickerel Frog

Wren Video

A cute wren video taken in my back yard a few days ago – it was certainly not shy! Wren Video #birding #sutton