Wild Bird Video

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Wild Bird Video

I’ve posted a video that features chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, a goldfinch and cardinal, taken in Sutton! Sutton Wild Bird Video

Wood frogs

Wood frogs are tiny and cute, brown with a light eye stripe! September seems to be frog month, I’ve seen two different kinds in one week. Wood Frog Photos

Gray Treefrog

Gray treefrog video – tiny and cute! This one is more brown than gray. Gray Treefrog Video

Daring Jumping Spider

Daring Jumping Spider on a peony video – cute little audax! Daring Jumping Spider video

Orb weaver spider video

SuttonMass.org’s first video is online! Here is an orb weaver spider spinning a spiral web Orb weaver spider video

Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs on our wall – we got some great new photos! Soon to be added here Daddy Long Legs

Triple crown of spiders!

Wow we just caught 3 spiders in a row! Two look like sac spiders, we’re taking photos right now. Guess it’s the summertime air!


I adore fireflies. Here is a photo of a firefly during the day, with the lovely orange stripes on its head! Firefly Photo

Net Winged Beetle

Net Winged Beetle – gorgeous Halloween colors of orange and black! Net Winged Beetle Photos

Wolf Spider Photos

We found a wolf spider in one of our birdhouses that we were cleaning out for the fall. Wolf Spider Photos