Hover Fly – Bee Mimic

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Hover Fly – Bee Mimic

The Hover Fly looks like a bee, but it is actually a harmless fly that enjoys flowers! Hover Fly Photos

Spiders and Bug Photos

A gently rainy day – the perfect time to add in some more spider and bug photos to the Sutton pages! All photos were taken in Sutton. Sutton Animal Photos

Sutton Bird Photos

Ten types of Sutton birds are now documented in our bird pages! More will be coming shortly. What bird in Sutton is your favorite? Sutton Bird Photos

More Spider Photos

I’m adding in more photos to the collection of animals and creatures found in Sutton! Come on by and see! Sutton MA Wild Animals

Need Help with Spider Identification

I’m building a set of pages with photos of animals, birds and other creatures that are found in Sutton. So far I have three mystery animals – all spiders –

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Tiny Gnats

The forsythia are blooming, the bleeding hearts are out, the day lilies are creating long, green fronds but not quite to the flower stage. We don’t have mosquitoes yet, but

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Peepers Deer and Turkey

Wow, spring is definitely here! We’ve had two separate deer sightings recently – one a lone deer, and another time four deer as a group. The peepers are out every

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Fireflies in Sutton

Last night was the first night we’ve seen fireflies this year! It’s always such a lovely sight, seeing the little yellow fireflies flitting around in the back yard.

Stray Cat Found in Sutton

A stray cat has been seen since 10/20/2005 east of 146 at the Central Turnpike area. If you know the owner of this cat, please contact me at this website.

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