Kayaking at Lake Singletary

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Kayaking at Lake Singletary

A gorgeous day today kayaking on Lake Singletary, perfect weather! Kayaking at Lake Singletary    

Kayaking at Carpenter Reservoir

Kayaking at Carpenter Reservoir, Whitinsville MA – our last kayak trip here in April, before it became a no trespassing zone. Kayaking at Carpenter Reservoir  

Purgatory Chasm

I’ve updated my pages on Purgatory Chasm to contain more maps and photos – have you been there lately? Purgatory Chasm  

Sutton State Forest Hike Notes

Our photos and notes from a hike at Sutton State Forest on July 14th – Sutton State Forest Hike Notes  

Sutton State Forest Trail Map

Sutton State Forest Trail Map – we’re cobbling this together from our GPS data – Sutton State Forest Trail Map  

Sutton State Forest

Sutton State Forest – a lovely place for a walk or a mountain bike ride! Have you been on the trails from Mendon Road? What did you think of them?

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Purgatory Chasm Fatality

Sad news – a young man just fell to his death at Purgatory Chasm in Sutton MA. I was at the park on Charlie’s Loop when it happened. He fell

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Happy July 4th

It’s a beautiful day in Sutton MA – 80F, blue skies, gentle breezes. Maybe time for a hike in Purgatory Chasm? What are you up to?

Citadel Airsoft

It looks like the Sutton MA drive-in is being converted into a Citadel Airsoft BB-gun course – i.e. paintball with biodegradable BBs!

Sutton town beach

Sutton town beach will open will open 12-6 pm daily on Sat June 16. Passes $25 for Sutton, $50 for Millbury, $75 for other town residents.