Name This Tree

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Name This Tree

What tree is currently making tons of little red flowers, which are coating our back yards and decks in Sutton? Mystery Red Flower Tree  

Name This Yellow Plant

Fun Earth Day Challenge – what bright yellow plant is this? It’s in bloom all over Sutton Mass. Name This Yellow Plant  

Morning Glories

Today I planted my morning glories (blue and mixed) and moonflowers into planting trays so they’ll be ready in the summer. Have you done any planting yet?

March crocus photos

March crocus photos taken today in Sutton Mass – March crocus photos  


The crocus are coming up in Sutton Mass! Crocus Photos  

Do we have flowers?

It is a gorgeous 50F and sunny in Sutton Mass. I am going to go out with my camera and see if any crocusses are starting to come up!

autumn flower with fluffy golden puffs

Need help identifying an autumn flower with fluffy golden puffs on the top of a long stalk – autumn flower with fluffy golden puffs  

Virginia creeper

Virginia creeper looks gorgeous in the autumn with its tie-dye swirl of colors – Virginia creeper  

Ferns in Sutton MA

Ferns in Sutton MA are beautiful with delicate lacy fronds Ferns in Sutton MA  

Fluffy White Wildflower

Does anybody know what this is? I need help identifying a Mass white wildflower with fluffy white blossoms which is blooming now – Fluffy White Wildflower