Fluffy White Wildflower

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Fluffy White Wildflower

Does anybody know what this is? I need help identifying a Mass white wildflower with fluffy white blossoms which is blooming now – Fluffy White Wildflower  

Elm trees

Elm trees are becoming rare in Massachusetts – a fungus has destroyed most of them. Elm trees  

Foliage Photos from Oct 18

foliage photos from Oct 18 in Sutton MA – kayaking on lake Singletary Foliage Photos from Oct 18  

Juniper trees

Juniper trees grow in Sutton MA, although they aren’t very common – Juniper trees  

Sassafras trees

Sassafras trees are some of the only trees which can make leaves in different shapes – Sassafras trees  

Aspen Tree Foliage

Does anybody know what the little yellow petally things on aspen trees in the fall are called? See here – Aspen Tree Foliage  

Sutton MA Pinterest page

Added some delightful photos to the Sutton MA Pinterest page – Sutton MA Pinterest page  

Happy Autumn Equinox!

Happy Autumn Equinox! It happens RIGHT NOW at 9:19am EST! Here is the free Autumn issue of the Mused Literary Review – enjoy! Autumn Issue of Mused Literary Magazine  

Yellow Waxcap Mushroom

Yellow Waxcap Mushroom – bright yellow in color – Yellow Waxcap Mushroom  

viscid violet cort mushroom

The viscid violet cort mushroom is a gorgeous violet color and looks as if it has been slimed – viscid violet cort mushroom