Feb 28th – bad day for cars

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Feb 28th – bad day for cars

Sutton MA police log from 2/28 – a *ton* of car accidents took place that Monday! Sutton MA Police Log

911 Calls

The Sutton MA police log for 3/7-3/13 was full of 911 calls, almost double, and for odd things. Sutton Police Log

2 burglaries in Sutton

There were 2 burglaries in Sutton this past week – keep your eyes open for suspicious activity! Sutton Police Log

Sutton MA Police Log

The Sutton MA Police Log is up for 2/7-2/13. Great news! No car-vs-deer and no chimney fires! Sutton MA Police Log

Chimney Fire

Sutton MA police logs are online for Jan31-Feb6 – no car-vs-deer but we did have a chimney fire. Make sure you keep your chimney clean! Sutton MA police logs

Sutton MA police log

Sutton MA police log is up for 1/17-1/23! No car-vs-deer this week – good driving everyone! Sutton MA police log

School Bus on Rte 146

Schoolbus #25 on the side of the road – 146N Sutton by the Bank of America – had to be towed. This caused a backup all the way to Atlas

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Sutton MA police log

The Sutton MA police log for 1/17-1/23 is now posted – no car-vs-deer during this week! Hurrah! Sutton MA police log

Two Chimney Fires

There were two chimney fires in Sutton MA the week of Jan 10 2011 – make sure your chimneys are safe! Sutton MA Police Log

Sutton Police Log

The Sutton Police Log for Jan 3-10 2011 is online! Let me know what you think! Would you like more graphs? Different kind of data? I’m here to help! Sutton

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