Sutton School System Snow Day

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Sutton School System Snow Day

The Telegram reports that the Sutton School System will be closed on Wed Jan 12 due to the massive snowstorm heading our way! Have fun kids!

Sutton MA police log

I have the Sutton MA police log from the week of 1/3 through 1/10! It’s in paper printout form so I’ll post the interesting news shortly!

Election Results are In

Finally! The results are in! Fattman and Moore are the winners in Sutton! Full results: 2010 Election Results

No Final Results on Elections in Sutton

Giving up waiting – I’m exhausted. They simply won’t post final results for the state rep / senate races for Sutton. I have no idea why not. Here’s where we

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3:30am Sutton Webster Milford still no data

3:30am Sutton Webster Milford still no data. Both the state rep & senate races are tight. Surely we’ll get results soon? Did they forget us?

3am – Still No Sutton Voting Results

OK this has become silly. 3am, only a few towns remain blank, and Sutton is one of them. Did we have a problem submitting our ballot info?

Still Waiting for Sutton’s Results

2am has come and gone. 97% of Mass is reported in. Sutton is still waiting to hear how our vote went. Surely they should know by now …

Sutton Still Waiting for Results

It’s after 1am, 96% of Mass has reported in – and Sutton is *still* not being reported. We are one of the only towns left unreported!

Did Fattman Win?

Odd – still doesn’t have Sutton or Millville numbers posted, but the Worcester Telegram says Fattman won and Callahan conceded?

Fattman / Callahan race

Bellingham just chimed in on the Fattman / Callahan race – Fatman still ahead, now 7037 to 6547. Still no word from Sutton or Millville!