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Welcome to Sutton! Sutton, Massachusetts is a rural town located in the lower center of the state of Massachusetts. We were first settled by colonists in 1716, and even in current times we have horses and cows in our fields. The brick mills of the 1800s now house fine artworks and shops.

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Sutton Cemetery Records
There are over 35 cemeteries in Sutton. Some are large town cemeteries, while many others are small family plots. Browse through our online transcripts, cemetery photos and in many cases even specific gravestone photos.
Sutton Cemetery Listing Page

Sutton Census Records
The US census was first held in 1790, to help determine information about the population and to divvy up the congressional seats. It has been held every 10 years since then.
Sutton Census Listing Page

Sutton Wills
D. Carriel, 1759
J. Dwinell, 1770
S. Jennisons, 1812

Sutton Surnames under Investigation
If you're interested in a specific family surname, please check out our surname research page. Be sure to let us know so you can be added to our listing.
Surname Research Page

Sutton Queries and Questions
If you've gotten stumped, let us know and we'll post your query. That will alert others to your difficulty. If you have done research involving Sutton Massachusetts, perhaps you could help solve a genealogy riddle for someone!
Queries and Questions Page

Sutton Historical Reenactments
The Civil War reenactment was not held after 2002. The links which used to exist to the Civil War reenactor webpages are now dead.

Off-Line Information
With a founding dating back to 1716, there is a wealth of genealogical information available in Sutton. Note that what we do have has been time-consumingly researched by volunteers. If you do not see information about your family here, please write the Town Hall and request birth and death records from them. Then write us so we can expand our information! Genealogy works best when we all pull together to build our trees.

If you still need assistance, please contact the Sutton Historical Society - by joining this organization, you gain access to researchers with great experience in central Massachusetts genealogy. Also, be sure to check out the Nearby Towns to see what they have to offer.

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