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Mary Bykowski
My ggggrandfather was listed in the 1830 town of Sutton Federal census. His name was John Burnick. It listed a boy "between 5 and 10" and female "between 10 and 15" and an older female that I presume to be his spouse ( I know....never assume). He's from Ireland but that's where the trail ends. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

Mary Carr
I am searching for information on my great-grandfather, Joseph B. Champagne. I've been told by family members that he was the Postmaster of Sutton, Massachusetts sometime after 1910. Do you have any information about him by any chance? (He lived in Whitinsville, Masschusetts.)

Sally Bowman
My ggggg-grandfather was Bartholomew Woodbury (1740-1819). He married 1763 Ruth Greenwood (1742-1823). He served as Colonel of Massachusetts militia, and was prominent in town affairs of Sutton, Mass., where he was born and died. I have searched through the cemetery lists for Sutton but he is not listed. Any leads will be greatly appreciated.

Ben Rockney
On January 2, 1782, Samuel Brown and Hannah Marsh, both of Sutton, MA, were married in Oxford, MA. She was from a prominent Sutton family with roots in Salem, Essex County, MA. But does anyone know anything about the groom -- who were his parents, where were they from, did he have any brothers or sisters? Also, what happened to Samuel and Hannah after their marriage?

Dick Bucknum
Hi, My BUCKMAN ancestors lived in Sutton before the Revolutionary War. I was wondering if you would feel kindly about looking through your records to see if you have any info on them.

Tom Pattavina
A number of my ancestors are buried in the Howard Cemetery - on the higher side of the street. Emory Howard either sold or gave the land to the town of Sutton according to my family record. Two family members who are listed as buried there are Violet and Florence Barton, descendants of Emory Howard. I was unable to find any stones for them. They died in childhood and infancy in 1898 (they were sisters to my grandmother). They possibly are buried with Henry Sibley Stockwell and his wife Harriet (Howard), the grandparents.

Do you have any information on them?

Also missing is the father of the children - Edwin W. Barton. He may have died in the area between 1906 and 1910.

Toni Lasseter Lisa, I have no idea if they are there, all I know is that in the 1820 Census index is listed -

Minchin, William T. Worc 041 Sutton (and above that is my link)
Minchin, Robert Midd 582 Pepperell ****

I know that Robert is not there, but I have had this info for quite a while and decided to try to pursue it. I have no idea who this William T. is, except that he has the last name of my ancestor and this name is very uncommon, so he has got to be related somehow. Please let me know?

ashley richardson dill
my grandmother lila whitcomb richardson's grandmother lived in sutton. her name was susan kingman clapp. she had 6 daughter's and three sons. we have a picture of the daughter's. will try to find it scan it in and email it to you.

Cynthia Abbott
Looking for Bordain[aka Bordon/Burden] names; the family migrated from Scituate RI and later Leverett and Wendell area [Mass]. The families we are looking for could be in Sutton or Spencer or both. We think they migrated from Rhode Island late 1780-90's. the names are Bordain [Bordon/Bordin/orden/Burden] and also Cole. The Bordain was Asa and the Cole was Isaac.

I'm searching for the family of Putnam, Alonzo b.~1820 Sutton, MA (according to family sources regarding age at death in 1892) who married Nichols, Rebecca E., b. Nov. 5, 1847 Grafton, MA (d/o Jonathan & Nancy of Grafton).

Alonzo & Rebecca had a son Le Roy Augustus Putnam b. Jan. 7, 1880, Grafton, MA, d. Dec. 1952, Worcester, MA. Le Roy & 2nd wife Etta Wolfe lived in Oxford, MA. Some records have Alonzo spelled as Elonzo, and some other records list Le Roy as Roy. Alonzo was a shoemaker according to Le Roy's birth certificate. The family doesn't know where Alonzo died, just that he died when his son Le Roy was 12. Any info would be appreciated!

Otto Burgett
Have just visited your delightful website for the town Sutton in search of the family of Samuel PARKER and Hannah WYMAN and the family of their son, Archelaus PARKER and Bette RICHARDSON. The family migrataed to Worcester Co. from Woburn, Middlesex Co.

Hello I have been looking for any Info On Charles Roberts From Sutton MA but could not find any. Do you have any person who married Sarah Waite 1722?

Walter Nieber
Researching MOSELEY and SELLON families from 1726 to 1800s. Joseph Moseley & Sybil Dudley m. Oct 8, 1750 in Sutton. Abigail Moseley & Samuel Sellon m. Jan 22, 1786 Martha Moseley & John Sellon m. Nov 26, 1778 Need info on some of the children from these couples and other Sellon and Moseley marriages.

Kathleen Canney Barber
I am looking for information about David HASELTINE who may have been born in Sutton Feb. 11, 1769. If you know who his parents were, please email me

Craig Rice
Subject - Perez RICE b 1698, Phineas RICE b 1724
I would like information on either of these two families. Perez RICE was of Westborough then moved to Sutton later in his life. He was married to Lydia ______. Phineas was the son of Perez and married Hannah Cummings in Sutton in 1743. Phineas and Hannah settled at Hardwick, MA where their first 5 children were born (Nathaniel 1745, Hannah 1747, Mary 1751, Elizabeth 1753, Abigail 1755) They then moved back to Sutton where the next two children were born (Ruth 1758, Noah 1760) They had an eighth child Lydia in 1763 - was she also born in Sutton? Does anyone know where Phineas and Hannah died or anything else about their lives? I do have the information in the Edmund Rice genealogies and supplements.

Harry Colwell
I am looking for any thing about James Colwell who is listed in the Suttons list of Minute men that marched in 1775. his family and where he moved to after the war.

Timothy Walker
I am trying to prove a link between a Timothy Walker that resided in Tully, Onondaga, New York in the late 1790's and my great great grandfather Lyman Walker who was born in Tully in 1799. This Timothy Walker was born on / about August 8th, 1764. He died in Tully on February 18th, 1836. Info from the Onondaga County Historical Society indicates that he is possibly the Timothy Walker that served from Sutton MA in Capt Reuben Davis' Company - Drury's Regiment for 3 months in 1781. If you have any info on this Timothy Walker, please email me.

Liesl Olkjer
My ancestors were Cora Putnam, daughter of Adin Gilbert Putman, son of Dexter Erastus Putnam and Ruby Torrey of Sutton, Massachusetts. I have seen the last name spelled both Putnam and Putman ... I am not entirely sure which is the typo. Any information that you have would be appreciated.

Martha Story-Foisy
I am trying to figure out if the Sutton Moses Chase listed in the follwing Rev War info from the Mass Soldiers and Sailors book is the Moses Chase b. Oct 1737 , son of Benoni Chase and Mary Rogers of Sutton .

Chase, Moses, Sutton. Private, Capt. Samuel Sibley's co., which marched April 21, 1775, in response to the alarm of April 19, 1775, to Braintree; service, 7 days; also, Capt. Benjamin Richardson's co., Col. Dike's regt.; pay abstract for travel allowance from Dorchester Heights dated Nov. 28, 1776; credited with 2 days allowance; also, Private, Capt. Andrew Elliot's co., Col. Jonathan Holman's regt.; marched to Providence, R. I., on the alarm of Dec. 10, 1776; service, 43 days; also, same co. and regt.; marched Sept. 26, 1777, to reinforce Northern army at the taking of Gen. Burgoyne; service, 18 days.

I think there are two Moses Chase in play getting mixed up, in some cases, with the other Moses Chase b. 1727.

It has been frustrating as I'm trying to connect this Moses s. of benoni as having moved to Vermont around the same time as his brother David Chase of Douglas MA. Any help greatly appreciated.

Bill Olsen
Seeking information and or a picture of the grave of John Woodbury: He was born on Friday, September 26, 1749 in Sutton, Worcester, MA

John: b 9-26-1749 d 12-12-1831, m (1) Mary Chase (2) Esther Bixby, Lt. MA. DAR Patriot Index (p.759).

John 1749-1831, served as Lieut. in Capt John Putnam's Co., Col. Ebenezer Learned's Regt., 1775, at the Lexington alarm and in the Burgoyne Campaign, carried supplies to the army. He had two brothers, Jonathan and Peter who were officers in the militia, and under Capt Benjamin Allton and Col John Rand, 1780, born Sutton, MA, died Sutton, MA

See: Dar Vol. #77, Pg. #110.; Also See: DAR Vol. #141, pp. 168-169.; Also See: DAR Vol. #47, pg. 69; Also See: DAR Vol. 5, pg. 46; Also See: DAR Vol. #17, pg. 104. Also See: DAR Vol. #17, pg. 348.

John Woodbury was a Captain in the militia in the War of 1812. Died on Monday, December 12, 1831 he was 82 years, 2 months, 16 days old. John is buried in the Armsby Cemetery, Sutton, MA "Capt John Woodbury d. 1831, aged 82 years."

Diane Landry
I am searching for annuals that may have been printed for the Sutton Grammer School in the 1930-1950's. If this does exist where would I look to gain access to them.Secondly are there any pictures of the families that lived in Sutton in the 1700-1800's available online.

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