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Jonathan Dwinell Will 1770

Sutton Worcester Co. Wills MA 11 - 365
Source - Transcriped from SAMPUBCO copy
Surnames - Dwinell, Gale, Bolster, Ridden

Jonathan Dwinell Will

In the name of God amen I Jonathan Dwinell of Sutton In the County of Worcester Inholder being weak In body, but of sound disposing mind and memory thanks be given to God therefore but calling to mind of mortality of my body and knowing it is appointed for all men once to Die do make and ordain this Instrument to be for certain my last Will and Testament. Principally and first of all I humbly recommend my precious and mortel soul Into the hand of God that gave ____ believing of comfortable Doctrine _____ _______ Resurrection of the last Day and ___ that worldly Estate which God has given me in this life I give demise and Dispose of same as follows ~

First I order that my just Debts and funeral charges be paid by my executor with all convenient faced after my Decease.

Item It is my will and pleasure that my granddaughter Ann only child of my son Jonathan Dwinell deceased not have any of my Estate I having given to my son the whole of his portion in his life time. Item to my three grandsons vis Archelus, Amos and Jonathan Jr., Children of my son Archelus Dwinell Desc. I give and bequeath about forty acres of land Situate in Sutton aforesaid adjoining the land of G_____ Wait which I hold by deed from Benj. ______ to be Equally divided between them and to their heirs and assigns forever which is the full of their Portion in my Estate~

Item to my son Henry Dwinell I give the sum of six shillings lawful money which with what I have heretofore given him is the full of his share or Portion in my Estate ~

Item to my son Amos Dwinell I give the sum of six shillings lawful money which with what I have hereto for given him is the full of his share or portion in my estate~

Item I give to my daughter Mehitable wife of Isaac Gale of Royalton the sum of thirteen pound six shilling and eight pence lawful money to be paid In two years after my Decease by my executors

Item I give to my daughter Mary wife of Isaac Bolster the sum of thirteen pound six shillings and eight pence lawful money to be paid by my executor In two years after my decease ~

Item I give to my daughter Susanna wife of Jonathan Ridden the sum of thirteen pound six shillings and eight pence lawful money to be paid by my executor in two years after my Decease~

Item to my dear and loving wife Mehitable I give and bequeath all my household furniture to be at her disposal and also a comfortable support during her natural life out of my estate and a descent Christian Burial at Death In lieu of her right of Dower in my estate.

Item I give and divide to my two sons David Dwinell and Jacob Dwinell and to their several and respective heirs and assigns forever all the residue of my Estate Real and personal whatsoever and whensoever the same shall be found they paying any just debt and funeral charges and the legacy’s herein given to my two sons vis~ Henry and Amos and my three daughters vis~ Mehitable, Mary and Susanna and also that they support and maintain their mother my said wife both in sickness and health In all things needful and convenient In my present dwelling house in said Sutton and after death give her a decent burial. It is my present will and Pleasure that in Case of said sons Jacob and David shall neglect their said mother and not provide all things needful and convenient for her comfort and support in sickness and health that then and in such case I give unto my said wife of Improvement of one third of the whole of the real estate herein give my said sons to have and improve During her natural life and finally I do hereby constitute and appoint my said sons David and Jacob Dwinell the executors of this my last Will and testament here by Revoking all former Wills by me made ratifying and confirming this Instrument to be of certain my last Will and testament In witness where of I have hereto set my hand and seal this twenty ninth day of December anno Domino 1770 and in the Eleventh year of his Majesty’s Reign Signed sealed Published Pronounced and Declared by said Jonathan Dwinell

Jonathan Dwinell [seal]

as his last Will and testament in presence of the subsribers signed as witnesses In his presence at his desire. Isaac Barnard, Nathum Willard, Phinelas Newton Jr.

To all people to whom these – shall come John Chandler Esq. Judge of the Probate of Wills – in the Court of Worcester within the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England sendeth greetings~

Know ye that on the twenty ninth day of April anno Demo 1771 the Instrument hereunto annexed (purporting the last will and testament of Jonathan Dwinell late of Sutton In said county Inholder desc) was presented for probate by David Dwinell and Jacob Dwinell the executor therein named then Present Issac Barnard, Nathum Willard, and Phihelas Newton Jr. the witnessed thereto subscribed who made oath that they saw the said Testator sign seal and heard him Declare the said Instrumernt to be his Last Will and Testament and that they subscribed their names together as witnesses to the execution thereof in said executors presence and that he was then (to the best of their Judgement of sound and disposing mind) I do prove approve and allow as the said Instrument as the Last Will and Testament as the before named desc and do commit the administration thereof in all matters of same concerning of his Estate where of he died seized and possessed in said county unto the said David and Jacob the before named Executors well and faithfully to Execute the said Will and to administer the estate of the said desc. according thereto who accepted of their said trust and have given bond to pay the desc. Debts and legacys and in all respects to fulfill said desc. Will and they shall render an account upon oath of their proceedings when there unto lawfully required. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal of office the day and year above written~ John Chandler

Transcribed by Kim Smith

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