Sutton Massachusetts

Sutton Massachusetts Town History

As the town seal says, Sutton was bought from the Nipmuc Native Americans in 1704, and settled in 1716. The township of Sutton as incorporated consisted of an eight mile square tract of land that extended to Hassanamisco (Grafton). Story of the purchase from the Nipmuc tribe.

Of the three first families to settle in Sutton, Elisha Johnson and his family were known to stay through the first winter - he settled on property in the area we would call Wilkinsonville, near Marble Village.

By 1735 Hassananmisco - a Nipmuc "praying village" for natives who had become Christians - and a small portion of the northeastern territory of the Township of Sutton had incorporated as the town of Grafton. In early days Millbury was called North Parish and was a part of Sutton. Millbury was set apart from Sutton in 1813.

In the 1830's, Wilkinsonville (a section in north Sutton) took its own name; another area name is "Pleasant Valley" - known now because of the Golf Course named that in Sutton.

Through the 1700s and 1800s Sutton was a town that enjoyed both agricultural and industrial benefits. The farms and orchards in the area did very well, as did the three large mills that were built in the Manchaug area.

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