Sutton Massachusetts

Town of Sutton
Original Grant of 1704

The township of Sutton was purchased by certain persons residing in Boston, of John Wampus, alias White, and Company, Nipmug Indians.

It is described as "a tract of waste land eight miles square lying between the Towns of Mendon, Worcester, New Oxford, Sherburne and Marlborough, embracing within its limits an Indian reservation of four miles square called Hassanimisco."

The original deed from John Wampus and Company seems to have been lost, from the fact that the "proprietors of Sutton," at a meeting held Feb 22, 1731-2, ordered "That the Clerk shall provide a new book, and transfer this regularly, and that on the first pages of it, the original deed of John Wampus, alias White, together with the Grant of tech General Court be first placed" - and though a new book was procured, and the transfer made, no deed appears. The grant referred to was recorded on the first pages, and is as follows

Joseph Dudley, Esqr., Captain General and Governor In chief In and over her Majesties Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England in America - to all to whom these presents shall come Greeting.

Whereas John Conner, Pewterer, James Smith, Shopkeeper, William Mumford, Stonecutter, and Joshua Hewes, Innkeeper, all of Boston in the County of Suffolk, within the Province aforesaid by their petition presented to the said Joseph Dudley, Esqr.,, Governor, and the General Assembly of the aforesaid Province, at their last Session begun the Eight day of March last past before the sale hereof, Have humbly prayed in behalf of themselves and company, a confirmation by a grant of this Court of their right and title to a certain tract of land purchased of John Wampus, alias White, and Company, Indians, situate in the Nipmug Country between the towns of Mendon, Worcester, New Oxford, Sherburne and Marlborough, of eight miles square, in which is included a tract of land four miles square called Hassanamisco, and possessed by the Indians. And whereas the said Governor and General Assembly have ordered that the prayer of said petition be granted, saving the lands purchased by the Haynes's, and reserving the Indian property of Hassanamisco - provided also that they intrench upon no former grant of the General Court, and they be obliged to settle a town of thirty families, and a minister upon said lands, within seven years after the end of the present war with the Indians. And that they reserve three hundred acres of the said lands for the first settled minister, four hundred acres for the ministry, and two hundred acres for the use of as school, all to be laid out conveniently. The said tract to begin upon the line of Marlborough next Hassanamisco, a platt thereof to be returned and approved by this Court, as in and by the record of said General Assembly, relation being thereunto had, doth and may appear.

Know ye therefore that I, the said Joseph Dudley, Esqr., Governor, agreeable to the above received order passed by the Council and Assembly respectively, and pursuant to the power and authority contained and granted in and by her Majesties Royal Charter the Governor and General Assembly of the aforesaid Province of Massachusetts Bay, have granted, ratified and confirmed and by these presents do freely, fully and absolutely grant ratify and confirm unto the above named John Conner, James Smith, William Mumford, Joshua Hewes, and others, their Partners, viz - Paul Dudley of Boston aforesaid Esqr., John Jackson of said Boston, housewright, Mary Conner and Elizabeth Pittom, daughters and co-heirs of John Pittom Plummer, deceased, Edward Pratt of Newton within the County of Middlesex, Physician and Elizabeth Wilson of Hartford in the County of Connecticut, Widows, their heirs and assignes forever, all the aforesaid certain tract of waste land purchased of the Indians, Native Proprietors, as above mentioned, scituate and described as aforesaid, and to be surveyed, platted and approved as above directed, with and under the severall savings, reservations, Provisos, and conditions above expressed, and all the estate, right, Title, Inheritance, use, property, and Interest of the said several persons therein and thereto - Together with all and singular the fields, feeding, herbage, pastures, soils, swamps, Meadows, Rivers, Rivulets, Ponds, Pools, Woods, underwoods, trees, timber, stones, fishing, fowling and hunting Rights, Members, Heraditaments, Emoluments, Profits, Privileges, and Appurtenances thereto belonging or in any way appertaining. The said tract of land being hereby granted for a township, the same to be called Sutton. And to have, use, exercise, and enjoy the same powers, immunities, and privileges by Law granted to towns. To have and to hold all the said tract of land by the name of the town of Sutton, with all the aforesaid premises, Emoluments, Profits, Privileges and appurtenances thereto belonging, with and under the several savings, reservations Provisos and conditions herein before expressed. And to be surveyed, platted, returned and approved as above said unto the said John Conner, James SMith, WIlliam Mumford, Joshua Hewes, Paul Dudley, John Jackson, Mary Conner, Elizabeth Pittom, Edward Pratt, and Elizabeth Wilson, their heirs and assignes to their proper use and behoofe forever. Yielding, Rendering and Paying therefore unto our Sovereign Lady Queen Anne her kings and Successors one fifth part of all the Gold and Silver Oar [sic] and Precious stones which from time to time and at all times forever hereafter shall happen to be found, gotten had or obtained in any of the said lands and Premises, or within any part of parcel thereof - in lieu and stead of all Rents, Services, Dues, Dutys an demands whatsoever from the said lands and premises, and for every part and parcel thereof. In Testimony Whereof I the said Joseph Dudley, Esqr., Governor have signed these presents and caused the Publick seal of the Province of Massachusetts Bay aforesaid to be hereunto affixed.

Dated at Boston aforesaid the fifteenth day of May in the third year of her Majesties Reign Anno Domini 1704

[the publick seal] J DUDLEY

NOTE - By 1735 Hassananmisco and a small portion of the northeastern territory of the Township of Sutton had incorporated as the town of Grafton.

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