Sutton Massachusetts

Town of Sutton
A Revolutionary War Story

This story is about the old tavern house which Amos Waters built, in which his widow later rented a room to Mr White

In the days of the Revolution a train of powder wagons accompanied by a military escort, on its way from Philadelphia to Boston, passed this house. One of White's boys, full of mischief, stuck pitch pine slivers into an apple, and as the train passed, lighted his torch and threw it at the last powder cart, which act so enraged the guard, that they came back into the house, broke out all the windows and threatened the lives of the inmates, thinking them tories. One woman with a chid in her arms was obliged to run for her life, the guard threatening to pierce her with his sword if she did not leave. She ran to the Elder Waters' house, and the boy to save his life went and hid under the flume at the mill. After hunting a long time for the boy they went to Le Baron's tavern, where they spent the night; and when they threatened to go back, and burn the house, feeling sure that tories lived there, Mr. Le Baron's assurance that they were good Union people, and that it was only the foolish act of a mischevious boy, was all that saved the house. White was so alarmed for his safety, that he left the place.

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