Sutton Massachusetts

Town of Sutton
Source of the Name

The origin of the name of the Town [of Sutton] is unknown. Dea. Leland in his papers gives an old tradition concerning it which he regards as well established. It is this:

John Wampus crossed the Atlantic ocean and visited England. While on his return voyage to New England his health failed him, and he received particular attention from one of his fellow-passengers, a Dr. Sutton; and from gratitude to him for his kindness suggested his name for the Township when he gave the deed conveying it to the Proprietors.

Note that John Wampus was a Nipmuc native american who had inherited the responsibility for this land area from his father, a Nipmuc sachem. He was raised in English ways, lived in Boston, and visited England for a while. You can Learn More about the Nipmuc - Sutton Land Transfer

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