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Sutton History

Action of the Town of Sutton

in reference to the publication of this history

At an informal meeting of citizens interested in the publication of a history of the town, a committee was appointed to take the matter under advisement, and, if found practicable proceed to make arrangements for such publication.

The committee feeling that the town ought to assume responsibility in the matter, and believing there would be a willingness so to do, secured the insertion of the following article in the warrant for a meeting to be held June 13, 1876:

"To see what action the town will take in regard to publishing a history of the town, from its organization in 1704 to 1876, or act or do anything relative to the same."

Upon consideration of this article, on motion of Amos Batcheller, it was voted to choose a committee of five to procure the publication of a history of the town from 1704 to 1876, and that the selectmen are instructed to advance to said committee, on their application, such sum or sums of money as may be necessary to defray the incidental expense attending its publication, not to exceed for the above the sum of three hundred dollars, with the understanding that the edition shall be the property of the town, and that the money received from subscriptions and sales shall be, after defraying expenses, the property of the town, and said committee shall make a full and detailed report of their doings to the town. The committee were as follows:

B.L. Batcheller
Edwin H. Hutchinson
Charles H. Chase
Amos Batcheller
Solomon D. King

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