Sutton Massachusetts

Sutton Historical Society

Purpose of the Historical Society -
To promote research and learning in the history of Sutton; to acquire, preserve and protect property, both real and personal, having historical significance; to establish a museum to display documents, relics, and objects; to promote the celebration of patriotic and historical anniversaries; to record events both past and contemporary, for the purpose of publication...

The BULLETIN is is published quarterly and mailed to all members, to surrounding town libraries/historical societies, the Boston Library, the Smithsonian Institute and others. A facsimile of one Bulletin issue was printed in the EPIGRAPHIC JOURNAL that went to libraries, universities and museums in 27 countries worldwide. Also, the Society holds monthly meeting that feature historical/informational subjects and cooperates with the schools in historical projects.

The Society owns three historical buildings, and occupies as a museum and headquarters in a town-owned building. Responsibility for the maintenance of these buildings is a function of the Society.

Sgt Herbert Allston Kimball
36th Mass Volunteers

Sutton Historical Society
General Rufus Putnam Hall
4 Uxbridge Road
Sutton, MA 01590

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