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Sutton Massachusetts Sports and Activities

Sutton has a number of great active locations for adults and kids alike. You can go biking during the morning, climbing and hiking during the afternoon, then camp overnight by a lake glistening with fireflies. Be sure to come visit Sutton and see what we have to offer!

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Sutton Massachusetts LinkBlackstone National Golf Course
227 Putnam Hill Road
Sutton, MA 01590

This public golf course features beautiful greens and a lovely restaurant.
Blackstone National Golf Course Website

Sutton Massachusetts LinkGreat Canadian Canoe
64 Worcester Providence Turnpike (Route 146)
Sutton, MA 01590

Helpful staff offering canoes, kayaks and more
Great Canadian Canoe Website

Sutton Massachusetts LinkPleasant Valley Country Club
95 Armsby Road
Sutton, MA 01590

This private golf course was once on the PGA tour
Pleasant Valley Country Club Website

Sutton Massachusetts LinkPurgatory Chasm
Purgatory Road
Sutton, MA 01590
508 234-3733

Perhaps one of Sutton's best known attractions, Purgatory Chasm has fascinated visitors for hundreds of years. This natural cleft in the earth provides great hiking, walking and picnicing areas.
Purgatory Chasm Website

Sutton Massachusetts LinkWaters Farm
4 Uxbridge Road
Sutton, MA 01590

If you're a fan of history, farm animals or fun traditional events, Waters Farm is the place to visit. This historic farm sponsors many events throughout the year such as sleigh rides and farm demonstrations.
Waters Farm Website

Sutton Massachusetts LinkWorcester - Providence Bike Path
Blackstone River
Sutton, MA 01590

This is going to be fantastic fun when it is completed! Right now only portions of the path are done, including a stretch by the new Blackstone mall north of Sutton by 146.
Worcester - Providence Bike Path Website

For campsites, visit our Sutton Lodging and Camping page

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