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Aunt Mary's Restaurant

Aunt Mary's Restaurant is on 17 Burdon Street in Sutton, MA - although some listings for it say it's in Whitinsville. It must be right on the line. Over the years this location has been a dance hall, a reception hall, and a restaurant. It overlooks Meadow Pond. The current listing for it (as of March 2012) is $800,000 - not too bad for a cool location and a historic building!

Here are some photos from the real estate listings -

Aunt Mary's Sutton MA

Aunt Mary's Sutton MA

Aunt Mary's Sutton MA

The most recent review I can find of this restaurant - which I have never been to - is from October 2006 from a disgruntled diner. Nothing since then.

At least as recently as 2008 Aunt Mary's was up for a license renewal. From the Town of Sutton Selectmen Minutes -

"2009 License Renewals: Selectmen Hebert reads the list of renewals for the 2009 calendar year. These licenses include common victualler, liquor, class I, II & III, lodging and catering. Aunt Mary’s restaurant will not be renewed on the recommendation of Building Commissioner John Couture’s inspection which resulted in many violations."

If anyone has more information about this restaurant, please let me know!

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