Sutton Massachusetts

Sutton Massachusetts Website is a personal hobby website run by Lisa. Lisa has contacts at the Town Hall and Historical Society, but does not work for either organization. She is a webmaster and this site is a relaxing genealogy-centered pasttime for her.

Lisa has lived in Sutton for almost 15 years. In some towns that would be a long time. In Sutton, old timers only count "real Sutton residents" as the ones who were born here, lived here every day of their lives and plan on dying here. This is an ancient town with strong roots. Still, from the first days that Lisa moved here, she began posting photos, information and history of the town of Sutton on the internet.

Lisa had information online about Sutton from 1995. The official website went live in 2001.

In comparison, the "Town of Sutton" website only went live in late 2003, and for the first few years it only had a few phone numbers listed on it. This website remained the main source of informatoin for most Sutton residents and outside visitors who had queries about this town.

In current times there is another Sutton-related website site,, which provides some information about the school system here.