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Welcome to the Sutton, Massachusetts website! Sutton is a wonderful, rural town in the heart of Massachusetts. It has a long history of farming and industry, and is proud of its heritage. Our best features are our natural resources - the calm of Singletary Lake, the fascinating hiking at Purgatory Chasm. We also have several farm stands to visit. is a personal hobby site run by Lisa. Lisa has contacts at the Town Hall and Historical Society, but does not work for either organization. She is a webmaster and this site is a relaxing genealogy-centered pasttime for her. If your inquiry is of a nature that it needs information from the Town Hall, please contact them directly.

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To talk directly to the Town Clerk, Tax Collector, police, etc., contact the Sutton Town Hall.

To have someone help you with paid genealogy research, join the Sutton Historical Society.

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