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Clothing and Crafts - Nipmuc Indians / Native Americans

Nipmucs were woodland indians, living in central Massachusetts. They primarily wore deerskin outfits, which kept them warm and protected. They would cut fringe into the edges for decoration. Soft moccasins on the feet were also made from deerskin.

Wampum does not mean money - it means the thin, cylinder beads that were made from Atlantic whelk shells. The inner part of the shell - where it was in a tight spiral - naturally created this bead type. Quahog shells would create a more straight-sided bead shape. These were prized by both men and women to use in jewelry and clothing decoration.

Men and women both wore earring as well, created out of bone or shell.

In addition to stringing beads for a necklace, the shells would also be woven into a five or seven bead "wide" belt.

Nipmucs were known for their fine basket weaving skills. They also created pottery.

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