Sutton Massachusetts

Stone School Sutton Massachusetts

Stone School in Sutton Massachusetts was built in 1818 by Whiting Fisher. It was built on the Henry Stone farm with stones from the surrounding area. It was last used in 1914.

Here is a photo from the Stone School Reunion, taken in 1910. We currently have our Historical Society working on identifying the names of the people in the photo.

Stone School

This picture below is from the Sutton History Volume 1, written in 1878.

Stone School

A historical picture

Stone School

From Paul H:
They demolished the ruins as it was on someone's property and someone picked up the stones and moved them up to the center of town with the idea of putting the school back up next to the gas station. However some of the stones have already been taken by persons unknown.

A picture just before destruction

Stone School

What a shame that this historic building was lost to us!

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