Sutton Massachusetts

Photos of Sutton - 2003 Foliage

2003 was a year for strange weather. We had a KILLER winter in the beginning of 2003, with snow landing on the ground in October 02 and literally not melting down to grass until March 03. The summer was relatively hot, too. Fall was interesting!

I decided to divvy Sutton up into four quadrants and take photos in each quadrant, a week at a time.

Massachusetts Foliage Photo
September 24, 2003
- North East Quadrant - Just Slightly Turning

Massachusetts Foliage Photo
October 5, 2003
- South East Quadrant - Slowly, the Colors Come

Massachusetts Foliage Photo
October 14, 2003
- North West Quadrant - The Colors are Here

Unfortunately I never did the fourth quadrant in 2003 -)

Massachusetts Foliage Photo Collection
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