Sutton Massachusetts

Sutton Massachusetts Foliage Photos

2009 was an odd year, weather-wise. We had plants out in the garden in mid-May, so the spring was mild. The summer was mild too - we didn't even think about putting the AC in the window until mid-August and then we only used it once or twice before it got cool again.

Sutton Foliage Sep 18-20 Foliage
I went out to take photos this weekend because it was starting to get cool - but my boyfriend thought this was far too early. There were practically NO trees turning at all this weekend. Only a very few had the slightest of frosting of color on the edges.

Sutton Foliage Sep 30 Foliage
We visited the Sutton Tricentennial Park on the 30th, taking numerous photos. Some of the trees were turning, while others were still fully green.

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