Sutton Massachusetts

Sutton Massachusetts Foliage Photos

2010 had a *gorgeous* summer with beautiful sunshine and some very hot (101F) days in the mix. It stayed nice and warm right up through maybe October 3rd - then suddenly it was quite cold and we needed sweaters! There was no in between time.

Sutton Foliage Sep 25 Foliage
An interesting foliage season. On Sep 25th I was convinced foliage had not started to turn because all the trees around our house were still fully green. Then we went out to the Blackstone National Golf Course - and the trees there were turning!
Sutton Foliage Oct 7 Foliage
We had a number of days of rain, and then October 7th dawned bright and sunny. I ran out for photos! It was interesting - the trees that had turned now had no leaves at all. The remaining trees seemed to be all green! So we now had some bare trees and lots of green trees.
Sutton Foliage Oct 9 Foliage
The Merrill Pond State Reservation in Sutton MA has several short walking trails around a string of quiet ponds. We took a series of photos out there of the autumn foliage on October 9, 2010.
Sutton Foliage Nov 8 Foliage
The leaves are pretty much all down on the ground by now. The trees are mostly bare, it's below freezing at night, and we know that the blanket of snow is not too far away.

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