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2011 was a really odd year. To begin with, the winter leading into this year was one of the worst we'd ever seen. It involved gigantic snow drifts that collapsed roofs and buried cars. It was phenomenal. Then that melted and caused flooding. Then there was the giant tornado which destroyed Sturbridge MA! Then we had a hurricane as well. It's just the year of strange nature! So what does foliage season bring with it?

Sutton Foliage Sep 16 Foliage
September 16th was our first really cold day (60F) of the late summer. Up until this point it had been in the 80s and it never occurred to me that foliage time was just around the corner. When the 16th suddenly became so cold, it was time to go out and take some photos on Manchaug Pond. Only a few trees were turning.
Sutton Foliage Sep 21 Foliage
September 21st was lovely, sunny, about 75F. We took our kayaks out onto Lake Singletary to get images of the foliage there. The trees were only just starting to turn.
Sutton Foliage Sep 24 Foliage
So far we'd hit Manchaug and Singletary, so the 24th was time for the third largest body of water in Sutton - Ramshorn Pond. We had a delightful day kayaking on this quiet pond.
Sutton Foliage Oct 7 Foliage
Admittedly the Carpenter Reservoir is in Whitinsville, not in Sutton. However, when you look at a map of Sutton you'll see that this body of water SHOULD be ours. I think it's time to annex it. It is clearly within our boundaries, if we drew them more straight!
Sutton Foliage Oct 9 Foliage
We headed back to Manchaug Pond again since we hadn't been there in about a month. They'd lowered the water levels to prepare for winter. That made it a little more exciting, as we had to watch for sand bars and submerged rocks!
Sutton Foliage Oct 10 Foliage
Today we brought our kayaks out onto Stevens Pond, a small private pond located near Manchaug Pond. It was a delightful day to be on the water.
Sutton Foliage Oct 11 Foliage
It was time for us to explore the other half of Carpenter Reservoir and see what it had to offer. This is the side with the dam. There were no birds here, but lots of fish!
Sutton Foliage Oct 20 Foliage
Today we brought our kayaks out onto Buffumville Lake, which isn't quite in Sutton, but is just a short distance west of Sutton.
Sutton Foliage Oct 25 Foliage
We explored the town beach, the Blackstone Valley Golf Course, and then hiked through Purgatory Chasm.

Then a few days later we got hit with the largest Noreaster ever seen in Sutton's history in the month of October!

October 2011 Noreaster

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