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Manchaug Pond Sutton Foliage

Manchaug Pond Foliage photo On October 9, 2011 we headed out to Manchaug Pond in Sutton Massachusetts. We had last been here with our kayaks on September 16th - September 16 on Manchaug Pond. Since then, the water levels had been deliberately lowered in order to prepare for winter. This gives residents a chance to work on and repair their walls. It also lets the pond freeze without the ice damaging homes or docks.

What the water lowering meant for us as kayakers was that there were suddenly sandbars and rocks to contend with which hadn't been been visible before!

This was trip #8 for me on my new kayak.

The foliage was starting to turn now. Most trees were green but there was a fair amount of colored trees amongst the mix. Here are the photos!

--> First Manchaug Pond Foliage Photo -->

I also have a short video of Bob and me kayaking, which shows the foliage in the background -

The pictures on the topic of Manchaug Pond Foliage for this slideshow were all taken by Lisa Shea from her Venus 11 kayak.

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