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Sutton Massachusetts Foliage 2011

September gave us gorgeous weather with temperatures in the high 80s right through Thursday, September 15th. That day it rained and we suddenly got frigid temperatures! The next day, Friday, September 16th, we went kayaking on Manchaug Lake and it was only in the 60s. I realized that a few of the trees were starting to turn colors, and the foliage season had begun!

Here are the photos from our day on Manchaug lake.

The boat dock leading into Manchaug Lake is *great*. I could literally walk my kayak down the edge of the cement dock area, put the kayak down into the water, and step into it without getting wet at all. Plus this little inlet is quite sheltered.

This is Bob getting his kayak set up.

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The pictures on the topic of Foliage 2011 for this slideshow were all taken by Lisa Shea.

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