Sutton Massachusetts

Sutton Massachusetts Foliage Photos

2012 was a delightful summer. We got a lot of kayaking in during 2012. However, the foliage season wasn't spectacular. It seemed to go from green straight to brown.

Sutton Foliage Sept 9 Foliage
Our kayaking trip on Manchaug Pond on Sept 9th was just at the start of foliage season. The trees were barely turning.
Sutton Foliage Sept 13 Foliage
On September 13th we were on Singletary Lake, circumnavigating it counter-clockwise.
Sutton Foliage Oct 5 Foliage
October 5th saw us on Singletary Lake again. We did a limbo under the bridge :).
Sutton Foliage Oct 18 Foliage
October 18th saw us on Singletary Lake again. We like this lake :)
Sutton Foliage Oct 23 Foliage
I did a survey of common trees in Sutton and took photos of each one, to show what their leaves looked like.
Sutton Foliage Oct 27 Foliage
Fearing our kayaking season was coming to an end, we got out on the 27th to kayak around Manchaug Pond and take in the fading foliage. We even saw a rainbow ring around the sun!

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