Sutton Massachusetts

Trees of Sutton Massachusetts

Sutton Massachusetts is an official "Tree City"! This is a program run by the Arbor Day foundation which celebrates communities that have thriving, healthy trees. There are 3,310 such towns across the US as of 2009. In essence the program rewards communities which care for their trees. If you see silver tags on trees around Sutton, it's because they've been marked as special trees which should not be cut down.

Massachusetts has a wealth of tree varieties, from oaks to maples to willows, from pines to hemlocks.

Here are some of the trees we have in Sutton! I will do my best to document all the native varieties we have in our town.



Birch - White

Black Locust




Oak - Red

Oak - White

Pine - Red

Pine - White

Red Maple


Witch Hazel

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