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Black Locust

If you look at maps for the black locust tree, Robinia pseudoacacia, you see that it supposedly grows down in Virginia and southern states. Why, then, do you find it in Massachusetts in certain locations? The answer apparently is that the colonists loved this tree. They brought it up from Virginia because it grows so incredibly well. So the Black Locust tree is NOT native to Massachusetts in the sense that it always grew here. However, it's now grown here for several hundred years and fits in quite nicely.

The black locust tree has rows of simple, oval, green leaves that sometimes are alternating and sometimes are opposite each other. The leaves grow on long rows. It sometimes is at a bush / shrub height and sometimes at a tree height.

Black Locust photo

Black Locust photo

Black Locust photo

If you're at Purgatory Chasm, there is a black locust tree at the ranger station area, near the path that heads down to the playground.

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