Sutton Massachusetts

Red Maple Tree

The Red Maple - or Acer rubrum - is very common in Sutton Massachusetts. These fantastic trees can grow to be almost 100 feet tall! Usually they are around the 50 foot mark though.

red maple photo

Maple trees can provide maple syrup in the winter, which is tasty on pancakes and waffles. In the springtime their small red flowers are a tasty treat for wildlife. In the fall the maple tree's samara - the spinning helicopter like seeds - are fun to play with.

red maple photo

Red maples are also called "swamp maples" and are found all along the east coast, all the way from Canada up north down to Florida in the south. They're very popular - but be sure not to feed the leaves to horses! Horses can get very sick or even die from eating red maple leaves.

There is not just one type of red maple - there are many different varieties, called cultivars. Some types of red maple have fairly rounded leaves, while other types have more pointed leaves. In both cases they have three main lobes and two very tiny extra lobes. The leaves turn a lovely red - orange - burgundy color in the fall, depending on which cultivar they are.

Baby maple trees form an important food source for our deer in the winter!

Maple Tree Leaves Red Maple Tree Leaves
The leaves of the red maple tree turn a brilliant red color in the fall.
Red Maple Tree Leaves
Maple Tree Seeds Red Maple Tree Seeds
At the flower stage, a red maple creates tons of tny red flowerettes. In the fall, the seeds of red maple trees look like tiny helicopters.
Red Maple Tree Seeds
Maple Tree Bark Red Maple Tree Bark
The bark of a red maple tree is fairly rough, with deep ridges in it.
Red Maple Tree Bark
Maple Tree Foliage Red Maple Foliage
Lovely photos of the red maple in foliage season
Red Maple Foliage

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