Sutton Massachusetts

Moon over Sutton Massachusetts

I love tracking the cycles of the moon. It is amazing to think that mankind - for as long as we had eyes to see - has been appreciating the changing phases of the moon and wondering about them. These photos of the full moon were all taken in Sutton, Massachusetts, in July 2013.

There are several locations which are good for moon-viewing in Sutton. One is at the entrance to the Blackstone National Golf Course. If you're standing along the fence on Putnam Hill Road, looking east over the golf course, the moon rises just to the left of the house on the right hand side.

You can also see the rising moon from the back parking lot at Manchaug Mills. The full moon rises right over the top of the Manchaug Mills cupola, as you'll see in the photos.

The moon's rising time changes with its cycles. When the moon is full, it tends to rise just around dusk.

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The pictures on the topic of Moon over Sutton Massachusetts for this slideshow were all taken by Lisa Shea.

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