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Sutton is a gorgeous rural town in Central Massachusetts. It is mostly wooded hills, with one large pond (Singletary) and one really neat chasm (Purgatory Chasm).

Sutton Massachusetts

Here are some photos of Sutton - this lovely town puts on a new look with each month. The photos are added to as the weeks roll along, so be sure to visit back! Click on any image to see the full photo album for that month.

Sutton Photos

Winter truly starts to hit, with occasional snow. It's starting to get fairly cold now.
Sutton Photos

Snow piles up. Our first settlers had their houses buried up to the chimneys! This is usually the coldest month of the year.
Sutton Photos

The end of snow (if we're lucky!). March is when the first crocusses start to poke through the hard earth. Those drops of purple color are the first sign of spring. We get some green stalks for daffodils too. March is usually when we get floods as the snow melt hits the local rivers.
Sutton Photos

Spring kicks in with new flowers and buds on trees. The snow is usually done by now, and we go through daffodils as well as have blooms of bleeding hearts and pink hyacinths.
Sutton Photos

Flowers, baby sheep, everything is in bloom. There are lady's slippers growing wild in Purgatory Chasm, and the bullfrogs sing in the ponds.
Sutton Photos

June brings summer breezes and a wealth of wildlife. There are cool bugs, an influx of warm-weather birds, the frogs are croaking, the world turns green and vibrant.
Sutton Photos

Summer truly sets in, the gorgeous day lilies abound all around Sutton.
Sutton Photos

August is the hottest month in Sutton, it's time to head to Singletary Pond! There are tons of goldfinches, hummingbirds, and other avian life to enjoy in August. It can hit 103F!
Sutton Photos

Summer fades into fall as the goldenrod appears and the trees start to gently tinge with color. The weather is absolutely beautiful in the 60s and 70s. The very first fall foliage begins to appear.
Sutton Photos

There is no question that October is one of the most beautiful months in Sutton. The fall foliage is spectacular, with the trees turning yellow, orange, red, burgundy, and all shades in between. A perfect month to hike in Purgatory Chasm.
Sutton Photos

The fall foliage is fading away. The wind gets crisp, and we get a few light snow flurries which don't tend to stick on the ground. Gentle mists can swirl in the morning.
Sutton Photos

Winter starts its approach in December. Often we have our first snow in early December, and then we have snow on the ground non-stop through the beginning of March.

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