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August Photos in Sutton Massachusetts

August is by far the hottest month of the year. Everybody heads down to Singletary Pond for a dip, or walks down through Purgatory Chasm, where it's nice and cool in the shade!

Sutton Massachusetts Photo

Sutton Massachusetts Photo

In August I usualy turn my attention to taking tons of bird photos. The goldfinches are in their full summer colors -

We have our summer visitors like the red-breasted grosbeak -

Sometimes we'll even see bluebirds! -

In August 2011, Hurricane Irene hit us and caused massive power outages. Many trees came down including three separate ones blocking parts of Central Turnpike. Here's a trio of trees which snapped a pole on Lincoln Road.

For all the photos and videos taken on the day Irene hit, visit here -

Hurricane Irene Photos

Three days later, the weather was gorgeous and I went for a boat ride on Ramshorn Pond. What a difference a few days make! It was beautiful out.

Ramshorn Pond

Ramshorn Pond Photos

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August is cataract awareness month, spinal muscular atrophy month, immunization awareness month and black business month.

Sutton Massachusetts Photo Collection