Sutton Massachusetts

June Photos in Sutton Massachusetts

June is the first really warm month. Flowers are into full bloom now, the crops are growing, the farm animals are out enjoying the weather. This is one of the best months in Sutton.

Sutton sees a beautiful range of wildlife in June - from migrating birds to colorful bugs. Frogs come out of hiberation. It's wonderful!

Six Spotted Tiger Beetle

Most of the animal photos taken on this site were taken during the summer months - only a few of the animals stay visible in the winter. Animals and Birds in Sutton Massachusetts

Massachusetts Photo
June is when I went down to the Wilkinsonville area to take a lot of photos. This is a photo of Wilkinsonville by where the mills were, looking in the direction of the church. You can see more Wilkinsonville Photos from June if you're interested.

One of the most exciting things to happen in Sutton in June happened on June 1, 2011. Tornados are very rare in Sutton, and we were hit with two tornadoes in one day! Here's the full details including some photos of the aftermath.

June 1 2011 Springfield MA Tornado

June is gay & lesbian pride month, aphasia awareness month, safety month, infertility month, vision research month, child vision month, and rebuild your life month.

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