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Poison Ivy - Identifying, Washing Off, and Curing Poison Ivy Rashes

Poison Ivy - Identifying, Washing Off, and Curing Poison Ivy Rashes Lisa Shea would love to not have written this book on Poison Ivy. She’d love to not know anything at all about poison ivy. Unfortunately, life had other plans for her. So she figured, if she had to endure year after year of poison ivy rashes, at least she could do some good with that knowledge. All of her trial-and-error experiments on her own body will now help you zip through your poison ivy experience as quickly as humanly possible.

Learn what causes the poison ivy rash - and how to defeat it. What techniques you should NEVER try because of the damage they could cause. What trick she absolutely does daily with her poison ivy rashes and which makes all the difference in the world.

How do you identify poison ivy? What are some of the best cures? Just why is it so itchy, anyway?

Lisa feels your pain. She's been there. She's lived through it. Let her years of experience help you make your poison ivy rash experience be as quick and painless as humanly possible.

The perfect book to keep on your Kindle, phone, and PC, just like you keep band-aids in your first aid kit. When the problem strikes, you want instant access to this information. The way you handle the oil in the first two hours makes all the difference in the world.

All proceeds benefit battered women's shelters.

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Poison Ivy Ebook Poison Ivy Ebook
A necessary part of your first-aid preparedness - keep this on your Kindle or phone. If you get contaminated by the oils, you've only got two hours to remedy the situation before your body goes into a rash-filled nightmare.
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