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Sutton State Forest - Sutton MA

The Sutton State Forest is a gorgeous place to hike and mountain bike. However, it can be a maze of unmarked trails. Here is our trip on a five mile loop on August 19, 2012.

I will post a GPS map of our hike shortly. What we did in essence was walk in past the main gate, take the first right, and then immediately take a right on that trail. That then led up a path for about 20 minutes to the bottom of the loop. We went left, or counter-clockwise, around the loop. The loop took us past two bodies of water before meeting back up again with its starting point. There was only one cross-path the entire time, so out of all the twisty mazes in this place this is one of the safer ones to take. It is five miles, though, so be prepared to invest the time that it takes to walk that. Some of the path is fairly rocky. Other parts are extremely narrow through trees or high grass.

I saw a ton of cool mushrooms on this hike, so most of the 83 photos are of the mushrooms! We also ran across several American toads.

Here's the first photo in the set! It's of us just arriving at the Sutton State Forest, at the Mendon Road entrance.

Sutton State Forest photo

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The pictures on the topic of Sutton State Forest for this slideshow were all taken by Lisa Shea.

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