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Sutton State Forest Trail Map

This Sutton State Forest Trail Map was hand created by me, a normal resident of Sutton, MA. I've had to cobble this together from signs posted in various places, my GPS notes, and my research. I could not find any trail map anywhere on the web or in ranger stations for the Sutton State Forest. Heck, I couldn't even find any overall maps laying out exactly where the Sutton State Forest's edges were.Please note that the land ownerships here are fairly strange and could change at any time. Observe all posted signs!

First, here is the map of the full Sutton State Forest complex.

Sutton State Forest Trail Map

There are four "chunks" to the Sutton State Forest so I have labeled them A, B, C, and D to keep them straight. A is mostly wild and there are only trails in the lower right corner. Those trails are the Purgatory Chasm network and are well documented.

There is only one, single trail in the B area. That is the white line that connects the bottom of Charley's Loop with Mendon Road.

There are no trails at all in the D area.

So that leaves the trails in the C area. That is what this page discusses. The small side-of-road parking region for this set of trails is at the red dot. There's also a sign kiosk here with two maps, which are merely Google Maps representations of the general area. There are NO trail maps posted. And the trails barely have signs on them. So this is what I've put together.

Here's a map from when we hiked on July 14, 2012. Click on this map for a much larger version of it. Note that the top straight line was us driving along Mendon Road, not hiking. This was for us to plot out where the two main "trail ends" in this area are.

Sutton State Forest Trail Map

As you can see, without knowing it part of what we walked was in the Whitinsville Water Company area. The signs said "no tresspassing after dark" which made it seem as if it was fine to walk there during the day, but I'm not exactly sure how that works. The TT Loop trail marker was definitely in that pink area. That would seem to imply that it's OK to use the marked walking trail which is on their property. I will be researching this further with the Sutton Town Office.

I will also be returning to the forest to further document the grey squiggly trails which are fully within the green area.

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