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Winter Photos from Sutton Massachusetts

One of the wonderful thrills of living in Sutton is that we get all four seasons in all their glory. Winter is one of the prettiest times of year here. The world is blanketed in a snuggly layer of white. The trees can sparkle with ice in the morning, and afternoons are full of snow angels, snowmen, skiing, and sledding. Many residents in Sutton put candles in their windows all winter long, and it creates a perfectly idyllic scene. It is like living in a Currier and Ives painting.

We get a first light snowfall in October, and by December we have an actual layer of snow on the ground which stays. It remains there - literally - until about February. It's rare to see grass in the time period between December and February. Then the spring thaws come!

Here are some descriptions of truly memorable winter events!

We didn't get our first snow until early December in 2009 - but it was quickly followed up by one of the most spectacular ice storms we had ever seen. Trees were coated by - it seemed - a sparkling layer of glass, as if each one had been hand dipped into liquid glass. It was gorgeous.
2008-2009 Winter Snow Photos
We had a tiny flurry in October, and then our first real snowfall came on December 5, 2009. This thick snow coated branches and pulled trees over in half. In March we had heavy flooding.
2009-2010 Winter Snow Photos
This winter was absolutely amazing in terms of how high the snow got. The snow literally covered up cars in Worcester which could not be dug out for months. It was stacked higher than vans. Mailboxes were covered over and tunnels had to be dug in to get to them. On highway overpasses, the snow from the ground could reach up to the edges of that higher level. It was the highest piles of snow we had ever seen.
2010-2011 Winter Snow Photos
We thought after last year that we were ready for anything. We had a tiny flurry of snow on October 27th and thought things were starting slowly. Then on October 29th we got walloped with - literally - the most snow ever seen in October in recorded history. A solid foot of snow landed on trees in full foliage, and branches snapped like twigs.
2011-2012 Winter Snow Photos
A fairly mild winter. We did have Nemo - this was the first year of named snowstorms. But compared with previous years we got off easy.
2012-2013Winter Snow Photos

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