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2011-2012 Winter Snow Photos

We thought after last year that we were ready for anything. We had a tiny flurry of snow on October 27th and thought things were starting slowly. Then on October 29th we got walloped with - literally - the most snow ever seen in October in recorded a history. A full foot landed on trees in full foliage, and branches snapped like twigs.

That was how our winter began :)

Oct 27
Our first snow of the 2011-2012 winter season came on October 27th. This was fairly normal - a light dusting of snow sometime in October. We've had snow weeks earlier than this in the past. It was a gentle reminder that winter was on its way. Little did we know that winter was about to pay a large visit.
Oct 27 Winter Snow Photos
Oct 29
Only two days after our first snow, we had a solid NorEaster hammer us. It began on Saturday, October 29th. I took these photos midday as the snow was beginnign to fall. All the trees were in full foliage so the leaves were large and ready to catch snow. The snow was heavy, dense, and very sticky. It began coating the leaves and pulling the branches down towards the ground.
Oct 29 Winter Snow Photos
Oct 30
All night long from the 29th to 30th there were sounds of branches cracking and the heavy THUD as they smashed into the ground. The crashing and thuds came from all sides of the house. Each time we would look out with a flashlight to see if it destroyed anything important. We were very fortunate that when dawn came Sunday morning that, while many trees were down all around, no cars, sheds, or walls had been hit. Power stayed out until Monday night.
Oct 30 Winter Snow Photos

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