Sutton Massachusetts

October 2011 Noreaster
October 2011 Noreaster photo

The largest snowfall ever seen in the month of October came in October 2011. The snowfall began on Saturday, October 29th. The trees were all in full foliage, and the snow was heavy, thick, and sticky. In short order the trees were completely coated with this dense layer of snow and the branches began creaking. By 6pm the power went out.

As darkness fell, all around you you could hear creak - creak - CRACK - THUD. You then looked out with your flashlight to see if that massive branch had managed to miss the house, shed, cars, or anything else important. Then you went back to waiting and listening. The crashes happened all night long.

I finally fell asleep about 5am, and when 9am dawned I was woken up by the sound of chainsaws from all my neighbors trying to clear out a path to the street. Many driveways were covered with large trees. I went out to take a few pictures around our house. This is just one house's worth of tree damage! So these photos are all from Sunday, October 30th, at 9am - right after the snowstorm had finished.

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The pictures on the topic of October 2011 Noreaster for this slideshow were all taken by Lisa Shea.

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