Sutton Massachusetts

Charity Donations in Sutton Massachusetts

If you are a charity minded person living in Sutton, you have a number of options open to you.

Town Transfer Station
This once was a dump, now it is a transfer station sitting on top of the dump :) There are bins here to dump your cardboard, paper, bottles, cans, and so on. You can donate bottles to the Boy Scouts. It's a fee once a year to get your car access to this. I already have trash pick-up and find it odd that I pay money to Sutton in order to donate my recyclables to Sutton (since they get income from the recyclables) but that's the way things go sometimes. They do have a "book bin" but it's poorly cared for and recently I had to trudge through (literally) 3 feet of snow to try to stuff books into their overly-full container.

Clothing Drop Spot
Right behind the Sutton Post Office is a clothing drop box that you can get to 24 hours a day for free. Just head out of the post office parking lot as if you were heading towards the town center, and you'll see the clothing drop box immediately on your left next to a run down building.

You would think with the Sutton Library needing money for all sorts of projects that they would welcome books to sell, if only to sell them for cash on ebay. Nope! The Sutton Library is literally TURNING DOWN free donations because they have too many books ready for sale. Someone needs to get in there and teach them how to make listings on Amazon and eBay if they really have no room to store more books.

Big Brother / Big Sister
Highly recommended. This group comes out TO YOUR HOME about once a month to pick up any used items you have. You simply put the items in your driveway in the morning, and by the afternoon they are all gone. Plus you can write it off for the charity donation!

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