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Sutton Massachusetts Town Meeting

If you've never lived in a location that has town meetings, you're in for a treat. Instead of wondering just what your government is doing with your money, you can actually stand up, be heard, and vote on what happens! Every bylaw change needs to be approved by the community here. If you have an opinion on how the rules are being changed, you simply show up at the town meeting and make your point known.

Town meetings are held every spring and fall in Sutton MA. Make sure you attend!

I list highlights of past meetings here.

The main issue at the Spring meeting involved money to support Lake Singletary.
2013 Sutton Massachusetts Town Meetings

The two main issues at the Fall meeting involved the old Blue Jay Restaurant's land, and how you could be fined if you touched a tree along the road in front of your property.
2010 Sutton Massachusetts Town Meetings

The Oct town meeting was about the town spending about $300,000 to keep the 314 acres of Whittier farm as agricultural land.
2009 Sutton Massachusetts Town Meetings

2008 Sutton Massachusetts Town Meetings

Both the Feb and May 2007 town meetings were primarily about purchasing the Shaw property - 132.5 acres for $4.5 million dollars.
2007 Sutton Massachusetts Town Meetings

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